Happy Boxes

Hello, my name is Bricque.  I am a multimedia artist and currently a  painter of  happy little boxes.  I design , paint and adorn each surface of each box and then you give them to people you love or like or simply want to impress with your unique style. I also create match boxes and personalize each box with your message inside the drawer. A perfectly lovely little something for your wedding or soiree or what ever seems to cry out for a tangible memory. I paint each piece one at a time and each is one of a kind. I use a gentle pallet of artist’s acrylics, inks and extra fine glitter as a frosting. Each piece is sealed with multiple coats of acrylic so they are strong.

I design and paint each piece, especially for you, one at a time.  I will work with you to make the boxes or match boxes a compliment to your wedding or special occasion. You let me know what you want the box to say and it will say just that.  The boxes are  designed to convey a sentiment, usually in the inside bottom of the box. The bottom of the match drawer or box’s bottom is signed and numbered. No two are the same even if created for one occasion, although a consistent color pallet contributes to a lovely event table...a box at each place setting.  Fill the box with kisses, candied almonds, a pin, bracelet, cufflinks or a simple note of thanks.

 I use free form design elements, relying on color, composition and texture to create a sentimental little treasure that one wants to hold.  So, check out my pictures and if you just love them....I would be honored  paint  some Happy Boxes for you.  Thanks for visiting. Bricque

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